Possible Visitor to a Girl Guide Group (Feb. 16)

This message is sent on behalf of Selina Kuyp, Girl Guide leader for 1st Marigold Guides.


My name is Selina Kuyp and I am a Girl Guide leader for 1st Marigold Guides.  My unit consists of 21 girls and we are quite an active unit.

On Feb 16th, 2012 (Thursday), we were going to earn our Forestry badge.  I was wondering if there was anyone (student or professor) who would be willing to come to our unit to help us with this badge.

We meet from 6:30-8pm every Thursday, so if we needed to switch around our dates to accommodate a visitor, we can do that.

The requirements for our badge are as follows and we only need to do 6 of the 8:
1.  Name the major tree groups.  Describe how they are distinguished.
2.  Describe three different kinds of forests.
3.  Name some of the major goods produced from trees and forests.  Explain why certain woods are chosen for particular products.
4.  Describe good forestry practice in general terms, and show how forest management and forest conservation are linked.
5.  Name three major forest enemies and describe their effect on the forest.  Explain what is being done to combat one of the forest enemies.
6.  Create a piece of art, collection of poems, or powerpoint using pictures inspired by trees and forests. (***We do not expect this one to be covered with a visitor) 7.  Learn about forests in Canada.  Which parts of the country have dedicated forests and parklands?  What types of trees would you find if you visited these areas?
8.  What types of careers are there in forestry?  What kind of education would you need for a career in this field?

If this is not a possibility, please let me know. We are okay running this badge on our own, but we know the girls enjoy hearing from someone who is IN the field that we are looking at.  They usually have many questions and in many cases, they are beyond our knowledge and we cannot answer them!  We hope that you could!

I look forward to hearing from you.

Selina Kuyp