UBC Wellness Peers Wanted!

This message was sent on behalf of Ravi Parhar, FUS Senate Representative:


UBC Wellness Peers Wanted!


Wellness Peers volunteer as part of a team to deliver health and wellness programming using a peer-to-peer education model. They staff the Wellness Centre, plan outreach and campaigns, and act as student leaders for wellness and academic success. They also collaborate with other student groups (e.g., AMS, Fraternities/Sororities, UBC Rec, Residence Advisors, Undergraduate Societies) to promote wellness programming. Benefits of being a wellness peer include learning valuable information through weekly training sessions, building your teamwork skills and getting sponsored to the SLC.


Apply to be a Wellness Peer for September 2012- April 2013. Applications can be found on http://www.involvement.ubc.ca/2012-student-leader-opportunities/. Application deadline is Wednesday February 8.


Continue to be involved Forestry!

Ravi Parhar,
FUS Senate Rep