Information for the week (or the strong)

This message was posted on behalf of Derek Burdikin, 2011/2012 CIF Liaison:


1. CIF Silver ring ceremony Tickets. THIS IS YOUR LAST WEEK! On sale 12-2pm Tues-Thurs in the Atrium. Get on it! Cash or cheques made payable to “UBC Forestry.”
Or go see Ana in student services anytime to get your tickets, and once you’ve bought your tickets remeber to submit your planned table arrangements!

2. Graduating Blurbs. 35 words. This week also. Give them to Ana. This will be read as you go across the podium!

3.Bake sale!!!  Ohhhh yeeeeeaaahhh (deep manly voice).
Wednesday 12-2pm. 2$. Amazing baked goods!

4. Slideshow pictures. SO you have some cool pictures of graduates??? anytime throughout their degree??? keep it (somewhat) classy… I mean peoples mothers will see these! Send them to

5.Have a great day/week/life… I mean you know, live it up!