New Fall Semester- Haida Gwaii Higher Education Society

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Hey all you undergrad students,

Have you been thinking about exchange or how to enrich your education? Well the Haida Gwaii Higher Education Society is offering a new fall semester that may be very applicable to your degree. This means that as a UBC Forestry student you could potentially go to school for an entire school year on the beautiful archipelago of Haida Gwaii- taking advantage of both their fall and spring semesters.

The Fall semester will comprise of the following courses and each course is taken one at a time, with the seminar course in EBM running the length of the entire semester. This course set-up gives students the opportunity to really sink their teeth into the course and learn it thoroughly.

  1. Applied Ecology of Coastal Terrestrial Ecosystems
  2. Biophysical Dynamics of the Marine-Terrestrial Interface
  3. Ecology and Management of Island Wildlife
  4. Conservation Ecology: Applications of Multiple Sources of Ecological Knowledge
  5. Ecosystem Based Management Seminar

I was lucky enough to take part of the first Jan-Apr semester that the Haida Gwaii program ran in 2010 and it was one of the best educational decisions of my undergrad. I really encourage anyone interested to look into it further as a viable option and to talk to your advisers about course credits. Ideally this would be most applicable to a 2nd or 3rd year student, however, the experience is truly once in a lifetime so I recommend it to all.

Check out the website for the program to give you a better idea of tuition, course descriptions and teachers:

And, finally take a look at this video about the semester:

Feel free to shoot myself or Jenn Dysert (the Executive Director of the Haida Gwaii Education Society) an e-mail with any questions you have or if you just want to talk about what the program is like. I am around the building a lot if you want to chat, but you can also e-mail me with any specific questions (allysherlock at

Take care and good luck with studying,