UBC Farm looking for Christmas Tree Intern

Forwarded on behalf of Kate Menzies, UBC Farm:UBC farm

Dear Forestry students,

The UBC Farm is looking for a Christmas Tree Farm Intern this May-Dec 2014. Please follow the link below for the full posting and details on how to apply.

The Christmas Tree Intern should be a Faculty of Forestry undergraduate who is eligible to register for directed study credits.

The deadline for application is March 23rd, 2014.

Visit the UBC Farm Website for a complete list of internships.



The Christmas Tree farm Marketing Intern will work alongside farm staff on the follow tasks building on the work that was done by the 2013 intern.

Marketing/Business Development
– Create annual budget ( include all production costs and determine revenue required to exceed expenses)
– Create inventory of tree that are available this 2014 season for rent or sale
– Develop marketing strategy for 2014 season and execute renting sale of trees to UBC Community: pricing, marketing, delivery, collection, communication & social media
– Provide recommendations for 2015 season
– Work with elected FUS Christmas Tree Farm Manager and volunteers to tend and maintain the Tree Farm ( eg. pruning, mulching, irrigation, fertilization)
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