Calling Transition Leaders!


forestry_0Seeking a new meaningful way to fulfill that inner desire to make change happen? Then take a look at becoming a Forestry Transition Leader!


As a Forestry Transition Leader you will be working in teams facilitated by Squad Leaders to provide a memorable and engaging first year transition experience for new Forestry students. You will get the opportunity to bring your ideas to the table and have influence on the direction the program is heading. Not only will you get to meet some amazing people, you’ll also become an important part of the team which will lay down the foundation for students years to come!

What’s in it for you?

– Take part in the creation of this program and leave a legacy in your faculty
– Gain and build interpersonal, communication, and team building skills
– Become more involved and aware of faculty activities
– Collaborate and build new friendships with fellow leaders, faculty staff, and students
– Experience the joy of being a mentor or role model
– Develop skills to facilitate large group events, such as organization, planning, and problem solving skills


– Have a positive, open-minded, and encouraging outlook and attitude
– Able to commit to required dates and expectations
– Have a good understanding of the community and programs in Forestry
– Be able and willing to work with a team
– Be an undergraduate forestry student

Outline of Responsibilities

An average of 2 hours per week allocated to tasks such as:
– bi-weekly team meetings (every two weeks)
– individual working group meetings
– leading forestry related events/activites

If you are interested and think you have what it takes to become a Forestry Transition Leader, don’t hesitate. All applicants are welcome!


It’s as easy as emailing your resume to Lydia Braam at!