Forestry Gun Safety Courses

This message is sent on behalf of Richard Schwendener, Natural Resources Conservation graduate.

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In January, the FUS will be offering subsidized Canadian Firearms Safety Certification (CFSC) and Hunting Safety (CORE) courses. The CFSC is a required prerequisite course before applying for a gun licence. The courses are welcome to beginners and have a friendly learning atmosphere. They are taught by Marshall Lowen who is an excellent, experienced instructor.  For information on a Canadian Restricted Firearms Safety Course being offered in Vancouver in February, please read below.


Each course runs from 9am-4:30pm in the Forest Sciences Centre Rm 1222, 2424 Main Mall & Agronomy Road. 

CFSC (16-hour course): Sunday January 11th &18th, $170 (Forestry Students), $200 (Non-Forestry Students). Exam and book fees included. 

CORE (8-hour course): Sunday January 25th, $130 (Forestry Students), $200 (Non-Forestry Students). Exam and book fees included. 

If you are interested or have questions, please email me ASAP at See below for course details.

Canadian Firearms Safety Course

 CFSC is an introductory firearm safety course intended for all new firearms users and as a prerequisite for obtaining a Possession and Acquisition Licence (PAL) for Non-restricted firearms. This course provides students with the knowledge of firearm laws and confidence for safe-handling. Our classes provide a relaxed and friendly class atmosphere where beginners won’t feel intimidated.

This course mainly focuses on firearms which are classed as “Non-Restricted”. This group is comprised mainly of rifles and shotguns that are commonly used for hunting and target shooting.

 To ensure that our students meets the full requirements of the Canadian Firearms Program and in accordance our authorization from the RCMP to provide the CFSC, the course consists of 10 hours class room training time, not including breaks or exam time. The course is therefore provided over two days with the exams on the afternoon of the second day.

By successfully completing the CFSC, and passing both the written and practical tests, participants will be able to:

·         Handle Non-Restricted firearms and ammunition safely

·         Use, store and transport Non-Restricted firearms and ammunition safely and responsibly

·         Apply for a Non-Restricted Firearms Licence (PAL) having received the required “Safety Training Certification”

·         Complete their BC Hunter Education Course (CORE) without having to take the CORE Practical Firearms Exam

·         Go on to take the Canadian Restricted Firearms Safety Course (CRFSC)

Off-Campus Courses

If anyone is interested we will be holding a Canadian Restricted Firearms Safety Course (CRFSC) at an off-campus site in February. This is for Restricted Firearms (Mainly Handguns,– revolvers & semi-automatic) to add to your firearms licence (possession & acquisition licence PAL)
 One Sunday,— Date to be announced—  9am-4:30pm 
Location: Vancouver Masonic Centre –1495 West 8th Ave. (8th near east side of Granville)

Cost: $ 100.00 including course & exams and use of textbooks
Parking is available in the building’s Parkade

A firearms licence (PAL) is required for a person to possess or acquire firearms for personal use or as an employee for carrying a firearm for protection from wildlife in remote areas.

Short bio on the instructor

Marshall Lowen

Canadian Master Firearms Instructor

Marshall has a wide-ranging experience in firearms, ballistics, practical marksmanship, hunting and related safety subjects as a result of his extensive military and civilian background.

His accomplishments include:

  • Long term qualifications as a Master CFSC/CRFSC Instructor, Rifle/Handgun Coach & Instructor and B.C. CORE Instructor/Examiner.
  • Being a trainer, instructor and coach in the firearms field for most of his life during both his military and civilian careers.
  • Providing firearms training to a number of diverse groups including the general public, RCMP, Military, Canada Border Services, armoured car companies and others.
  • Being part of a team of coaches that successfully encouraged and promoted women shooting teams in Canadian, Provincial and International military rifle shooting competitions.
  • Holding a proven track record of training success in the various courses he has held since the inception of the current Federal Firearms Safety Course Programs.
  • Having an up to date working knowledge of Canadian Federal and Provincial firearms laws.
  • Keeping up his experience in the field by continuing to be a proficient marksman and hunter.

He currently focuses on working with novices to introduce them to firearms, shooting skills, hunting and associated safety concerns. His courses also allow the more experienced students ample opportunity to gain advanced knowledge and skills


Richard Schwendener