Get Spruced for FUS Elections!

This message was sent on behalf of Emily Sunter, FUS President.

Hey Forestry!

FUS executive elections are happening January 21st with SPRUCED UP as a post-election after party.

If you would like to run for a Forestry Undergraduate Society position please sign up before 9:30am on Wednesday morning, Jan 21st on the bulletin board outside the FUS office. This is a full year commitment, so please consider your courses and how much time you able to commit before applying. You can check out the FUS website or the bulletin board for more information about each position. Current FUS Execs can also be contacted for exciting and useful tidbits.
Here is a link to the position descriptions:


This round we are electing the following positions.
Executive Positions:
   VP Internal
   VP External
   Social Coordinators (2)
   Special Events Coordinators (2)
General Council Positions:
   Logger sports Representatives (2)
   AMS Representative
   CIF Representatives (2)
For more info on Spruced Up, check out the Facebook page:
*** it is a 19+ event 
Tickets will be on sale in the Forestry building by early next week! See you all there and congrats to the future Execs! 😉
Cheers and thanks for a great year,
Your friendly neighborhood FUS 🙂