2011 FUS Council

Always on top of the game, these goonies got things done. Listed below are the members of the 2011 FUS Council.

Amanda Harvey

2011 President

Amanda is a 4th year Forest Resources Management student. She originally hails from Surrey, BC, but believes she should have been from a small town. You may find her in the FUS office talking policy and complaining about the complexities of Ecosystem Based Management. She has been an active member of the FUS Executive for the past two years, but will be a very happy camper when this extended post-secondary adventure ends.


Katie Gibson299904_10150802686870183_536985182_20752751_1972324687_n

2011 VP External

Katie is in 3rd year forest sciences, specializing in International Forestry. She is highly involved in the group IFSA (international forestry students association)- which is open to all forestry students!) and hopes to be able to eventually do research on a global scale. She’s been in love with trees for a long time. Both of her parents were in forestry and when she was little, they used to take her into the bush and teach her dendrology/silviculture. She’s very proud to be a part of UBC Forestry; she’s seen first hand that people from all around the world hold it in very high regard.

Nick Niddrie

2011 VP Internal

Nick grew up in the mountains near Invermere, BC, where he spent close to 100% of his time outdoors. He naturally chose the path of Forest Resource Management to ensure that British Columbia stays as awesome as possible. When he is not slaving over the books in the Forest Science Center, you will find Nick at Thunderbird Arena schooling Frat boys and other Faculties with the rest of the guys on the Forestry Ice Hockey Team.  He also enjoys climbing, hunting, and taking long walks in the wilderness, sometimes for days at a time.

Allison Hunt

2011 Treasurer

Allison is in her third year in the Natural Resource Conservation program and the current FUS Treasurer. Originally from the North Shore, where she still commutes from, she spends her summers in the Gulf Islands enjoying the outdoors. Although you will not find her riding her bike to school or going for crazy hikes on the weekends, she still enjoys camping and shorter less crazy hikes.

Maddie Crowell

2011 Secretary

Wondering who will be taking all the detailed and thrilling notes for the FUS? Well look no further because it is “Notetaking Extremist” aka Maddie Crowell. When not pursing her double life as the FUS Secretary and common UBC student, she spends almost all her remaining time in the mountains. Maddie is originally from a small Colorado ski town in the good old U.S.A and is currently a third year in Forest Sciences. She believes fully in the outdoor playground and loves exploring by any means (hiking, biking, camping, kayaking, climbing etc.). Growing up with the Rocky Mountains in her backyard she was able to ski her legs off at every chance she had. As far as the trees go, she is like any other Forestry kid and has been labelled a “tree hugger” more times than all the tree rings in a giant Redwood. Small sidenote, Maddie also has a small obsession with wolves and has started a wolf pack.


Richard Schwendener

2011 Special Events Coordinator

Richard was raised on the beautiful West Coast as a resident  of North Vancouver. After high-school, he entered directly into the Natural Resources Conservation Program at UBC and is now in his third year of study. In his spare time, Richard enjoys playing his cello and participates in the UBC Symphony Orchestra. In addition, he enjoys cooking, biking, and learning about new languages.


Allison Chen

2011 Special Events Coordinator

1/2 of the FUS special events coordinator, she is in charge of non-alcoholic forestry events like Forestry week and Pancake breakfast. Never being too far from the ocean, Allison is a Forest Resource Management student from Vancouver. She is convinced that all the awesome people in UBC are concentrated in the Faculty of Forestry. As a big fan of personal time, she would rather spent her downtime away from campus- although she does find it challenging to leave the FSC building at a decent hour. She enjoys hanging out with her best friends anywhere, biking or skateboarding on empty streets, mellowing out in the sauna, wave watching and other things that Gavin Pretor-Pinney would be fascinated by. She also finds the sound of David Suzuki narrating to The Nature of Things on CBC really soothing.

Barbara Wong

2011 Social Coordinator

Wondering who’s in charge of running and planning all the 19+ events in Forestry? The master of obtaining licenses and permits? Barb’s one of your 2 Social Coordinators! Born and raised in Vancouver, BC, this 3rd year FRM student’s biggest project is planning for Coconut 2011- Forestry’s end of the year party slash barbecue. You can almost always find her hanging around the FUS office.


Kaylah Lewis

2011 Social Coordinator and X-Mas Tree Farm Coordinator





Janice Burns

Janice Burns

2011 4th Year Representative and Web Manager

Janice Burns is a 4th year Forest Resources Management student from, Slocan, BC.  She is the fourth year Forestry Student Representative and Web Manager.  She is a leader on the UBC Loggers’ Sports Team and is a member of both the Graduation and Yearbook Committees.  Janice is passionate about volleyball, loggers’ sports, languages, and waterskiing. She works as a Wildland Firefighter during the summers, and hopes to pursue post-graduate studies and a career in Wildfire Management after graduation.