2014 FUS Council

Jazzing up the year with a creative take on Omar and a cornucopia of events, here is your spectacular 2014 FUS council.

Emily SunterBio Photo - Em Sun


Emily is your current President of the Forestry Undergraduate Society. She is proud to be one the few Forest Sciences students and will be graduating in the spring of 2015. Emily is new to the FUS and is excited to make sure it’s a busy and active year for the Faculty. She’s looking forward to creating more events aimed at younger students and of course, planning the tried and true traditional Forestry events. When not dashing about the building from course to course or meeting to meeting, you can find cuddling an animal of some sort or whipping up a baking storm in the kitchen.



nyla burnsideNyla Burnside

VP Internal

Nyla is a 3rd year student in the Forest Resource Management program who comes from a small town in Northern Manitoba. She likes tree and various outdoor activities including but not limited to long walks on the beach. With lots of faculty love for Forestry, she thoroughly enjoys getting to be a part of the FUS.




Elizabeth GallipeauLiz Gallipeau

VP External






trevor luuTrevor Luu


Trevor Luu is a 4th year Forest Resource Management student hailing from the distant land of East Van. He’s a problem-solver always looking for order in chaos and firmly believes that no problem is unsolvable (with enough caffeine, of course). On his spare time, he enjoys reading sci-fi novels. As Treasurer, Trevor strives to bring balance to the world, one reimbursement at a time.






Jennifer ChiaJen Chia


Jennifer is a 2nd year Natural Resources Conservation student and is your secretary for FUS. She enjoys hiking, rugby, shopping and anything competitive. She is your typical girly-girl who is also down to dig that soil pit, but is extremely terrified of spiders. Aside from that, she was born and raised in Raincouver so the rain never bothered her anyways.





Montana GoddardMontana Goddard

Social Coordinator

Montana is a fourth year student at the University of British Columbia completing her Bachelor of Science in Forest Resource Management with a specialization in Community and Aboriginal Forestry. Before her transfer to UBC in 2011, she was working on a degree in Latin American studies which led her to a study abroad in Peru. There she identified the impacts resource extraction had on the social values of the indigenous population in the Northern Andes. While at UBC, she has applied this experience toward her specialization by integrating a holistic perspective on the values of traditional ecological knowledge.

Montana has spent the past few years gaining experience of the forest industry in an academic setting and in the field. Her work with UBC’s Forest Sciences Department was developing interactive and online tools to enhance the understanding of silviculture practices as well as analysing the spatial data for the UBC Farm’s Forest Stewardship Plan. In the field, Montana continues her work for a second term with Western Forest Products as a forestry engineer working in the dynamic region of coastal BC.

Christina Howard

Social Coordinator

Peter ZhangPeter Zhang

Special Events

Peter is one of the many outdoor enthusiastists in the Faculty of Forestry. He likes to read all kinds of books, but he never remembers the names of the books or the authors’ names. One thing you don’t know about Peter is that you will probably define yourself as a tidy person after you see his room.





Hannah HuangHannah Huang

Special Events

Hannah is a 3rd year Conservation student specialized in Global Perspectives. She transferred from Beijing Forestry University because she fell in love with Vancouver and the fantastic natural environment and resources around. She hopes to focus on studies combining forestry and nature with international diversity in the future. Yoga is her favorite sport, as well as music, movies, traveling occupying her free time. Interested in education and nature in the community, she has done many related volunteering programs. She works with the FUS to help with annual forestry events, combining her experience and passion to let more forestry students get involved.



Riley FisherRiley Fisher


Riley Fisher is a first year Operations student, who comes all the way from oil baron filled city of Calgary, Alberta to come study trees. He took four years off after high school to work at a ski hill as Ski Patrol (Lake Louise), live in the mountains, and travel to Australia. Some of his favourite things are sunny days, shepherds pie, and Microsoft Excel.