FUS Execs

2018 Forestry Undergraduate Society Council

The FUS Council is a dynamic and approachable group of individuals. Consisting of a total of 10 members, they can be contacted any time by email. Below are brief introductions of the core council members for this year.

Valentina Coy – President

Valentina is in her third year in Natural Resources Conservation doing the Global Perspectives major. She is from Bogota, Colombia. Her hobbies include practicing yoga, dancing salsa, cooking and going on hikes. She worked as an Orientation Leader for the past 3 years and is keen in organizing more events that bring all our undergraduate students together. She wants to keep making Forestry the most welcoming faculty. Contact her if you want to pitch in any idea that could make Forestry even more awesome!

Contact: fuspresident@gmail.com


Carolina Rodriguez  – VP Internal

Carolina Rodriguez is a second-year student in Natural Resource Conservation. Her motivation for joining FUS was to help connect forestry students among themselves and their faculty. She wants to contribute with a positive attitude and a creative mindset to advocate for student’s suggestions/ideas and contribute in making those ideas happen. She has a passion for creativity, innovation and nature and hopes that those passions allow her to assist students feel comfortable and glad that they are part of our Faculty!

Contact: fusvpinternal@gmail.com



Deandra Atmojo – VP External

Deandra is a 3rd year natural resource conservation student majoring in global perspective. She is from Indonesia and she is excited to help the FUS grow this year. She has been all over the world, her most recent trip was to Peru, where she backpacked the Inca trail for 4 days. She loves hiking, photography, and theatre. If you can’t find her in the FUS lounge, she is probably out in the forest staring at trees and pointing at mushrooms (because they’re really cool). Don’t hesitate to reach out to her if you have any questions or just want to talk about her travels.

Contact: fusvpexternal@gmail.com



Michael Andres  – Finance

Mike is a third year operations in the BSF program. He grew up in Truro, Nova Scotia, the home of Stanfield’s. After high school he went to McGill University and obtained a Bachelor of Commerce. Perhaps it is this experience that made him think he was suitable to be VP Finance. During his summers while attending McGill, Mike started planting trees in Nova Scotia. After graduating he continued to plant trees but made the move out west to BC to make the big bucks. Planting gave him the opportunity to see almost every corner of this massive province and to meet a wonderful group of people, it also showed him that he wanted to work in the woods but maybe not as a labourer picking up dimes and quarters several thousand times a day. Fortunately for UBC’s Faculty of Forestry these thoughts led him to where he is now, taking up his favorite seat in the computer lab and dominating action in the ping pong room.

Contact: fustreasurer@gmail.com

Alyssa Chursinoff – VP Media Relations

Alyssa is currently enrolled in her second year of the Natural Resources Conservation Program. Coming to UBC from Alberta as a mature transfer student, she’s excited to get more involved in the forestry community. When she’s not updating the FUS social media accounts you can find her climbing trees, rocks and well.. just about anything. Along with climbing Alyssa loves taking photos of nature and meeting new people. As the VP of Media Relations, she hopes to increase the awareness and turnout for forestry events.

Contact: fusvpmedia@gmail.com


Shami Prem – VP Student Life

This is Shami! He will be one of your two Social-Coordinators. He loves to swing dance, going to concerts of obscure indie bands and occasionally dresses up as a dinosaur. Feel free to contact him if you have an idea for an event for forestry and need some help organizing it!

Contact: fussocial@gmail.com





Fraser Stewart- Barnett – VP Student Life

This is Fraser, he’s a Social Coordinator alongside Shami. His passions include skiing, climbing and finding new music to listen to. He aims to make FUS events as fun and accessible as possible and would love to hear your ideas!

Contact: fussocial@gmail.com




Shirlei Emiko Ishizaki – Social Coordinator

 When she is not in her Secretary role, Shirlei likes to dance ballet and venture in other dance styles, look up cool recipes that she will never actually cook, and to hang out at the FUS lounge. One of her goals as a new FUS Executive is to guarantee that everyone has access to “behind the scenes” of what happens in FUS Execs and to contribute to a welcoming, diverse, inclusive, and legendary Faculty.

Contact: ubcfussecretary@gmail.com



Breagh Kobayashi – VP Academic

Breagh is in her third year in Forest Resources Management. When she’s not busy staring at plants, she’s playing the saxophone or exploring BC. She’s looking forward to organizing cool events and meeting more of the Forestry family!

Contact: fusspecialevents@gmail.com