Reps & Committees

General Council 2017

These outgoing individuals act as liaisons for their department heads and students in their respective year classes. The reps and committees listed below, work together with the FUS Executives to create exciting social events and fun activities for everyone to enjoy. These members inform the student body of upcoming opportunities and make sure their voices are heard.

Year Representatives

1st Year:

Serene Tee

2nd Year:

Valentina Coy

3rd Year:

Christie Quon

4th Year:

Aphra Benitz


Program Representatives

Natural Resources Conservation:

Valentina Coy

Forest Resource Management:

Shawna Girard

Urban Forestry:

Cody Lai

Forest Operations:

Will Bradley

Forest and Conservation Sciences:

Jenn Hong

Grad Committee

Ash Nino Torres

Liz Gallipeau

Christmas Tree Committee

Cyril Moersch

Sports Representatives

Arlo Bryn-Thorn
Jordan Yano


Angelika Kaufman

Jordan Carter


Arlo Bryn-Thorn
Elora Van Jarrett

Yearbook Coordinator

Steven Tien

Greensheet Editors

Need one! Contact us if interested!

CIF Liaison

David Hamilton

ABCFP Representative

Cyril Moersch

Forestry Student Senator

Danika Coulbourn

Sports Rep

Steven Tien