There are many intramural sport opportunities available to Forestry students. Usually available during the year are sports like hockey, soccer, dodgeball, and ultimate frisbee. Most leagues will have a competitive and a recreational team. The FUS subsidizes half the admission fees for any Forestry sport team you join and you may join as many intramural Forestry teams as you like. The best time to join a club is at the beginning of each semester. There are sign-up sheets posted outside the computer labs in the FSC Atrium. If you are not interested in joining a club, support the people who are and get invovled in a different way. Listed below are some of the clubs that are provided in Forestry.

Loggers’ Sports

Loggers’ Sport has a long tradition in the Faculty and the Province of British Columbia. Ever wanted to learn how the lumberjacks used those tools? Click this link to see if Loggers’ Sports is right for you.



Axemen Hockey

The men’s intramural ice hockey team takes to the ice on a weekly basis during the school year. Click here to see how you can join or watch an upcoming game.



Moss Bosses

Intramural Ultimate Frisbee team sweeping away the competition with their high-flying, gravity defying, frisbee skills.


Forestry pladiatorsPladiators Dodgeball

Duck, Dodge, Dip, and Dive! The Forestry Pladiators are kicking up a storm.