Be caught up on the latest details from FUS, such as upcoming events, announcements, and items on the agenda. Also, find out where other Forestry student’s boots have been walking. Follow in their paths or blaze your own trail, the opportunities are yours to discover.

Greensheet_news-iconForestry Greensheet

Forestry students have been keeping it regular with a steady dose of Greensheet humour since 1992.  Written by forestry students for forestry students, this flyer is the epitome of the greatest times and the funniest happenings in Forestry for the past 20 years.




FUS Meetings

Every wonder what’s going around Forestry lately or where you can find the next free dinner? Whether you’re interested in getting more involved, feeling out of the loop, or just like hanging out with the FUS Council, try attending a meeting!


Top Stories

People are always wondering what those crazy foresters are up to, well this is the right place to find out. Spotlighting student achievement, important news from the Faculty, featured articles, and other relevant news to get you in the loop, are contained in this link.