Forest Sciences Centre

The Forest Sciences Centre (FSC) and the Centre for Advanced Wood Processing (CAWP) showcase incredible architectural design using Canadian wood products. Since the establishment in 1997, Forestry students have been the envy of UBC for having the nicest buildings on campus. Although there is a lot to say about how great these buildings are, below are just a few examples that make student life more enjoyable. Please take advantage of all the free services these buildings offer.

Building Hours

Regular Hours: Monday-Friday, 7am-6pm

Restricted Hours: After 6pm the buildings are locked and can only be opened with an access card (available exclusively to Forestry students). If you have an access card, make sure you do not let anyone else in the building after regular hours.

Access Card

Want a quiet place to study when the doors to the FSC or CAWP are locked? A Forestry access card will let you in the building 24/7, even on statuary holidays. This is a great privilege when studying during exam period, when all the libraries on campus are full.

To get your access card go to the UBC Parking and Access Control Services on the second floor of the General Services Administration building. Present your Student I.D. and pay a refundable $25. As long as you are registered in the Faculty of Forestry, your access card will be reactivated every September.


At the beginning of each semester, find an unclaimed locker and reserve it by putting your own lock on. Please remember to take $5 per semester, and write on a piece of paper your name, student number, email, and locker number. Insert the contents into an envelope, seal it, and drop it in the wooden box labeled “resumes”. The box is located in the upper lounge of the FSC atrium (Treehouse), at the top of the stairs near the back doors that lead to the CAWP building. If you forget to pay for the locker, your lock will be cut and removed. It is a great deal and all proceeds go to future FUS events.




The Faculty of Forestry is surprisingly tech savvy. There are two computer labs next to the FSC Atrium and one computer lab in the CAWP building.  The computers are reserved for Forestry students who are taking classes that require computer programs to finish assignments. The computer labs can be entered with access cards after regular hours.

Make sure you check the posted schedule outside of these rooms because certain classes have reserved time slots. The instructor will ask you to leave if you are not registered in the reserved class time.

The computers use personal usernames and passwords. Talk to Felix Choi in room 1502 to set up your account. Remember to be courteous to your colleagues by ensuring a quiet and clean work area.

The Treehouse

The Treehouse is located on the second floor of the FSC in the McInnes Lounge. The room is near the side doors that lead to the walkway between the FSC and the CAWP. This area is available exclusively to Forestry students. Even if the rest of the buidling is full, there should be a spot for the true Forestry students to study in their own building.



Ping-Pong Table


This is a great way to relieve stress as a Forestry student. The ping pong table is located in the loading bay (also known as John Worrall’s office) on the main floor of the FSC. The ping pong table has staged many competitive matches over the years and is the renown arena for the Worrall Cup Ping Pong Tournament. Bring your own paddle and challenge a friend (or Worrall) to an exciting  battle!

Student Lounge

The Forestry Student Lounge is another great way to relax. Unfortunately it is currently out of service. Updates coming soon!