Faculty pride doesn’t have to involve lame products or support wasteful consumerism…

Stylish sustainable Forestry SWAG starts here!

The Who? What? Why? of Greensales:

Greensales is a 100% volunteer run merchandise store, funded by the FUS and managed by two elected council representatives. Our mission is to provide quality, affordable, stylish and multi-functional Forestry swag to students, alumni, faculty and fans that will serve to last and to satisfy consumer needs beyond pure expressions of faculty pride, so as to discourage our tendencies towards over consumption.

With so many young and emergent fieldworkers in our student body looking to make first time work-wear purchases with limited budgets and knowledge, Greensales has developed a product line of high quality and professionally preferred work-wear items, subsidized at below cost student-pricing. Women in forestry are particularly challenged to find fitted and functional work-wear items; therefore, future Greensales product development aims to enhance access to female specific work-wear.

All profits earned from non-student sales are directed to subsidize student-pricing, giving alumni and faculty an opportunity through their purchases to support student access to quality work-wear products. Non work-wear products are also made a available to students at cost by the FUS, to maximize access and to further promote and encourage community service among students.

Visit our facebook page to stay informed about sales booth dates and times, to contact us with questions and to vote on future product development. Angelika Kaufman and Jordan Carter are currently at your service as this year’s Greensales Representatives.

Greensales Products:

(Non-student/Student Pricing)



Heavy Wool Henley – $65/$56


Baseball Shirts

Black sleeves 100% cotton – $15

Forest green sleeves 50/50 cotton polyester














Stormtech Black Forestry Hoodie – $60/$50

HI-VIS Hoodie – $25/$22

Forest Green Hoodie (front) – $35/$30














Forest Green

Woodland – with UBC crest











4STree Shirts - $10

4S Tree Shirt – $10

Beverage Containers

Large Thermos - $30

Large Vacuum Thermos – $30

Coffee Mug - $15

Ceramic Coffee Mugs – $15

Beer Steins - $12

Glass Beer Steins – $12

Stainless Steel Flask - $12

Stainless Steel Flasks – $12


Pewter Belt Buckle - $12

Pewter Belt Buckles – $12


Flying F Cinch Bags – $4

Lanyards and Key Chains - $3ea

Lanyards and Key Chains – $3 ea