UBC Farm

The FUS has been a big player in supporting the UBC Farm over the years. In the past, students have paid respect to the farm by campaigning to keep it the same size, in the same location. Forestry students have helped build awareness, educate, and bring students together to embrace what the Farm has to offer. Some students are active members on the Friends of the UBC Farm (FotF), a group associated with the Alma Mater Society (AMS). The UBC Farm has been a huge part of Forestry student’s outdoor education. There are Silviculture, Soils Sciences, and many other courses that take field trips to the Farm.  There are opportunities to volunteer and even summer employment offered by the Farm.

Check out the UBC Farm for yourself by following the map below:

The Christmas Tree Farm

The Christmas Tree Farm was funded from a past Graduating Class and is located on the UBC Farm. John Worrall is the main director for maintaining the plantation and one position on the FUS Council is for Christmas Tree Farm Assistant Coordinator. Email fussocial@gmail.com if you are interested in participating or want to know more about the Tree Farm.